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03 December 2012

T'is the season to be jolly...

... apparently.

I'm feeling positively bah humbug at the moment though! To be honest I'll just be glad to get through it and see the back of 2012... possibly the worst year... ever.

But life goes on and there are 2 little people to think about... and it does bring a smile to my face at Tilly's (piercingly loud) squeals of delight at every decorated shop window we walk passed. Every. Single. One!

We went into town yesterday for the European Christmas Market and Fair. One of the things I love about St Ives... they certainly know how to put on a good market. European street food and produce stalls... mince pies and mulled, local cider (delicious)... and fairground rides for the kiddywinks. Wonderful.

Tilly and Jasper got to meet Santa. Twice.

All-in-all a very exciting, busy, tiring day, finished with a bit of therapeutic sewing of a robin costume for the preschool nativity. Can you believe it... their first nativity! Tilly is a star and Jasper is a robin. I can't wait!

St Ives Christmas Market

Tilly the Red-nosed Reindeer

Meeting Santa

Flaked out

Robin costume

I'm sure I'll start to feel festive soon. We're heading to London on the train on Friday to see Santa (again!)... that should be fun ;)

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