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06 October 2012

Halloween Spiderweb Pancakes

We've had a lovely relaxed morning playing about with Halloween breakfast ideas. Usually when I try new things out with Tilly and Jasper I come against a little resistance, but this one went down extremely well... it's definitely a winner, so I thought I'd share :)

halloween spiderweb pancakes

1 - Make the Pancake Batter

I used a basic pancake recipe as follows:

  • 4oz (100g), plain flour
  • pinch of salt
  • 1tsp, baking powder
  • 1 egg
  • 7fl oz (175ml), milk

Beat together the ingredients until smooth, then set aside for a short while. When you are ready to start frying, transfer the batter to an empty, clean (obviously), squeezy condiment bottle. This makes drawing the design a lot easier, and any remaining batter can then just be kept in the fridge for a couple of days.

2 - Get Frying

Heat some butter in a frying pan. When the butter starts to smoke you are ready to start frying, but be careful not to let the butter burn.

Carefully use the bottle to draw a spiderweb into the hot frying pan.

This took a couple of attempts until I found a technique that worked best... draw the two circles of the web first before adding the 'spokes'. Take care not to squeeze too hard otherwise you end up with big blobs!

Cook for a couple of minutes until bubbles start to form and the batter looks set, then carefully turn, or flip if you are feeling adventurous, and cook the other side for another couple of minutes.

3 - Serve your Spiderweb Pancakes

We served our spiderweb pancakes with lots of gooey, slimy honey and a handful of (legless) raisin spiders, and enjoy.

You could also do a savoury version with hot dog spiders and maple syrup... this would be my choice, but we didn't have any hot dogs this morning :(


  1. That's fab ! Will defo be trying x

  2. I love them!! What a fantastic idea

  3. Wow! How creative, looks great! This will be a hit with the kids :0)

  4. That's such a good idea, I would never have come up with that myself, thank you, I'm going to give that a go.

  5. Thanks everyone! So glad you all like them :)

  6. i LOVE these. what a GREAT idea! B


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