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01 May 2012

Trendy Toddlers Wear... M&Co Kids

When Dad was ill, Keith took Tilly and Jasper to stay with his family which gave me the chance to spend as much time as possible with Dad during his last few weeks.

It was incredibly difficult being away from them all for so long, but at the same time it was a great way for Keith and his family to build stronger bonds with the twins without me being around.

Keith doesn't need much of an excuse to spoil them rotten... and the afternoon after I'd got a call from the bank to discuss how they can help us with our account, I received a text showing a rather large haul from M&Co... it's a good job they had a sale on!

I love our local M&Co for kids clothes... we've picked up some rather fabulous items in the past.

So for this week's trendy toddlers here are a few snaps of them putting their latest spoils through rigorous testing.

trendy toddlers wear M&Co hoodies
Hoodies... perfect for chillier weather... playing in the sand or out for a hike

trendy toddlers wear M&Co t-shirts
M&Co Kids' T-shirts... great for some playground fun...

trendy toddlers wear M&Co t-shirts
... or for toddlers who lunch!

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  1. VERY NICe, I got my eyes on your lil girls hoodie, lol. It lovely.

  2. That's a great selection! I have to admit when I last went into a branch of M&Co I wasn't that impressed with the boys stuff, but maybe it's improved!?!

  3. They've got some great clothes. I haven't been in our local M&Co for a while. I might have to have a browse in my lunch hour!

  4. Awesome pics..i m happy to look these pics.., when i was child..playing with friends


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