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02 May 2012

Tots100 Film Club Review: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

There have been a few posts in blogland recently questioning which of the two Willy Wonkas was the best; Gene Wilder or Johnny Depp.

I'm not going to ask the question... I already know the answer... to me, Gene Wilder's Willy Wonka is the creepier of the two... he just makes my skin crawl!

Yes, the 2005 interpretation of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory has the obvious attraction in Depp (and totally the reason I chose this film to review... selfish mummy!), but it also has the unmistakable Burton touch... dark yet psychedelic, and keeping true to Roald Dahl's writings.

The songs may not be as saccharine or as memorable as those in the original screenplay, but I think they have managed to capture the essence of another of Roald Dahl's great books - Revolting Rhymes (one of my childhood favourites).

Arguably, the back story into Wonka's past may be a little unnecessary and does add that gruesome element(children in full-head teeth braces anyone?) that perhaps gave it the PG rating... but at two and a half, Tilly and Jasper happily sat and watched the whole film - perhaps their interest in chocolate and sweeties was something to do with that!

The verdict? A fab family film that appeals to all ages... I can see this being watched many times.

warner bros charlie and the chocolate factory

Disclosure: We received a copy of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as part of the Tots100 Film Club, but as always my opinions remain honest and my own.

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