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26 April 2012

Inspired | Mike the Knight

Inspired by Mike the Knight

We are huge fans of Mike the Knight in this house... in fact it has spawned many games that Tilly and Jasper love to play together... mostly involving running up and down on pretend horses shouting 'be a knight, do it right' and 'gibbedee-up'!

I've noticed some rather fabulous knight-inspired toys on my wanderings around the web, so I thought I'd put an inspiration board together of some of my favourite finds. So if you're on the look out for some toys and books for your little Knight in Training, then look no further... I've done the leg-work for you... Huzzah!

We were sent a review copy of this and it has seen a lot of use already. The DVD features 5 fun-filled adventures with Mike and his friends and a selection of songs sang by Glendragon's resident bard (who Jasper always insisted was 'Daddy' when it first hit our TV screens!).

I am a lover of all things dragon... I guess it might be to do with being born in the Chinese year of the dragon - who knows! Lilliputiens have an amazing Walter the dragon range (we bought the pram toy for a friends recent addition - also born in the year of the dragon) and I love the flexibility of wall stickers for decorating rooms. We haven't really got around to decorating the twins' room yet, but when we do these would be my stickers of choice... bright and cheery, and with elements to keep both Tilly and Jasper happy.

No castle would be complete without a catapult and trebuchet, and Scleich have a fantastic range of perfectly detailed figures and weaponry.

There is lots of choice out there when it comes to castles, but this one, by Pintoy, kept drawing me back. I love the simple, classic design and the tactile natural wood finish.

Tilly has an imaginary pink dragon... what can I say... the girl has taste! I think she'd quite like this one too... and if it's like all other Trudi plushes, it will be super soft and cuddly!

A must-have for all wannabe knights! I'm hoping that they'll still be into Knights in a few years time so that I can get them this.

One word. AWESOME!

Great indoors or outdoors (weather permitting!). Another great prop to feed the imagination.

For when a tin tray, wooden spoon and pillow case is not enough!

Colourful, tactile and stimulating... Sir Prance-a-lot is the perfect toy for baby knights.

This book is has been a fixture at my Mum's for nearly 5 years now. The first book Tilly and Jasper ask for whenever we visit, there is so much going on in all of the pictures, that even though they know where all the dragons are hidden now, they can still spend ages studying the pages.

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  1. thank you!! My son LOVES Mike the Knight at the moment so this is very handy. becca


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