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08 February 2011

What Tilly and Jasper Wore

Tilly and Jasper are very lucky to have extremely generous friends and family. But for their first Christmas (2009) I made the mistake at putting all of their beautiful new clothes to one side for special occasions, not wanting to spoil them.

This Christmas just gone they received pretty much a whole new wardrobe full of clothes, mostly supplied by the stupidly generous Auntie S and (Nanny) Jay... but I haven't made the same mistake this time! In fact it's now difficult to choose what to put them in each day!

So, inspired by the many 'What I Wore' posts out there, and this lovely post by Mrs Scruff, I thought I'd share a few... and it gives me an excuse to take more photos of my beautiful babies! You've already seen Tilly's funky new pyjamas (I want some!)... Jasper got some too, but they're a little on the large size still.

This is what they were wearing today...

Do you know how difficult it is to get them in the same shot now! Tilly wore Rocha, Little Rocha and Jasper wore Monsoon.


  1. They look beautiful.. you're right in that sometimes we put things away for 'best' and sometimes 'best' doesn't happen..

  2. thank you both... and yes Nancy, he sure is :)

  3. Not only both in the same shot but they are also both looking at the camera and they are not moving.

    Most of my pictures of Piran are just a blur!

    I must say that I always love the way you display your pictures on your blog, it makes them look wonderful and so special. I have blog picture envy!

  4. Thanks Kelly :) It's actually a capture from a video file... with a LOT of tweaking in photoshop! I try to make up for rubbish content with good pictures!


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