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07 February 2011

It's Multiples Mayhem Carnival Time!

Roll up, roll up... grab a cuppa, put your feet up, and settle down for some fantastic reads from the wonderful blogging world of multiples.

This is my first time compiling a carnival, so apologies in advance!

First into the ring we have Emily from More Than Just A Mother. I think we can all sympathise with her as she tries to work out which is the evil twin!

Next up, one of the rarer blogging species... a man! Jallie Daddy shares their first Christmas with twins... and lots of lovely photos. It looks like they had a great time!

Michelle's blog, Mummy From The Heart, is going from strength to strength. This week she reached number 8 in the Wikio Parenting Charts. Go Michelle! She offers two posts for us... firstly about dealing with the Horrid Henry of twins (her words, not mine!), and then providing some excellent tips on taking pre-schoolers to the cinema... something we are thinking about trying soon... wish us luck!

Mari tells us what her twin girls are up to now they are two and a half... and giving me a bit of a vision of what we've got to come later this year - potty training twins! They also show off some rather fabulous pink motorbikes... I want one for myself!

I sometimes like to think of the lovely Heather at Young & Younger as my blogging twin (although she's a much better writer than I am!), obviously in a completely non-stalker-y kind of way... honest! Our twins were born less than two weeks apart, and it's been great to read along as our twins reach their milestones at mostly similar times. It's also amazing the resemblances between Ez & Fonz and Tilly & Jasper. Anyway, before I really do begin to sound too stalker-y... Heather shares with us her highs and lows of twins.

Those there, my lovelies, were all of the entries for the carnival. You may notice the glaring omission that I may, or may not, add in at a later date. My plan was to write a post for this carnival over the weekend. It is now late on the Sunday before the Carnival is due to be published and my post is still yet to magically materialise! It's in my head... and has been for a good while... but I'm struggling to do it justice in words! 'Chalk and Cheese' will be about the growing differences between Tilly and Jasper... watch this space!

To finish off I thought I'd do something a little different to normal. As submissions for the carnival were a little thin on the ground this time, which is understandable as we're all getting on with the New Year, I have decided to list some other multiples blogs, or blogs by parents of multiples, that I think are definitely worth adding to your blog readers:

You've Got Your Hands Full (although Linda no longer updates this blog there are some very funny, and helpful, posts)
Northern Mummy With Southern Children Don't you just love the name of this blog?!
Grit's Day A blog about home-schooling triplets!
Tea With One Sugar Please A must for all fashionistas
Everyday Stranger (Keith calls this one 'The tampon lady blog' after reading one of hers posts over my shoulder!)
Strange & Beautiful Throwing autism into the mix with multiples
Twin Perspectives by a friend, and fellow course mate (although she actually managed to finish the degree despite being pregnant with twins... go Kirsty!)
Jo Gifford's Blog by a lovely twin mum local to me who I still haven't managed to grab a coffee with!

If you're still here... thank you for persevering! All that remains to be said is don't forget to use the #multiplesmayhem hashtag if you're (re)tweeting this carnival...


Will the next host please step forward! There's a special little ceremony to hand over the carnival badge and everything ;)


  1. Some excellent reading here, thanks so much for taking the time to pull this together x

  2. Ohh wow, so many nerw twin blogs to read that I did not know about, thanks Rebecca.

    Thanks a lot for the lovely big up you gave me. 8 on Wikio and 20 on Tots100. I can die happy now!!

    I have a post on the blog called chalk and cheese and guess what it is about??? lol, Do use the same title though, don't let me put you off as I think it is fab!

    Mich x

  3. Fantastic! And so sorry for no submission - I have the post in my head, just not on the blog yet... it's a promise for the next one (and am happy to host as well if you'd like).

  4. What a great carnival!! I didnt realise how many twin blogs I actually read!! Look forward to having a read through all of these! :)

  5. Thank you so much for mentioning my blog. I am afraid I have failed miserably at trying to post in this carnival. I think I probably say all there is to be said about my twins several times a day on twitter xxx

  6. Well done on a great carnival! I don't consider you a stalker at all! I feel exactly the same way - knowing someone with b/g twins who are so close to age in mine has been fantastic. It's a really special bond. x

  7. "The Tampon Lady Blog"...could be worse. Yes, it certainly could be.

    Really sorry. Like Planb I was there, I was writing in my head...and I failed you. Next time. Kick me. Use big Wellies.


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