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30 November 2010

A Comforter in a Camera Case?

On the first day of Christmas (well, not entirely true, not quite the 1st of December even!) my true love (that'll be Jasper then) gave to me... A partridge in a pear tree (or, in Jasper's case, a comforter in a camera case - 10 out of 10 for alliteration my clever little boy!).

Last night we finally found Doug Dog (Jasper's favourite comforter) stashed away quite carefully in Keith's camera case. This is not your normal padded camera case... the is a big silver briefcase type affair with tricky metal clasps. We've not touched it since we moved into the house just over a year ago, it's just sat there in the front room stacked with a load of other things, but someone has obviously work out how to open and close it, and even left a little surprise in there!

And we found it just after we'd bought a replacement Doug from eBay for the extortionate price of £12.95! Originally he cost us £3.50 from the store where every little helps, but Keith was insistent that we replace him because "he was one of their first toys and he took him into hospital" snivel, snivel ;)

I thought this little story was quite timely as it played out just as I received an email inviting me to take part in Next's 12 Days of Christmas blogging promotion and I was wondering how I could incorporate it into a post! We would have been better of getting a comforter from Next too... but he wasn't Doug!

I may or may not have inspiration for the other 11 days, but please feel free to click through on the links to Next... apparently the bloggers who send the most traffic their way will be rewarded with some gift vouchers, which could come in very handy at this time of year... so please click away :)

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  1. If something gets lost in this house, it's rarely found again. The house is a tip.

    CJ xx


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