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16 September 2010

Just look at those eyes now!

I've not really blogged 'properly' for a little while. Most of my posts have been reviews, giveaways, or about a funny wooden lady who accompanied us holiday (yes, we did also take the twins - photographic evidence will follow shortly!).

I've got so much in my head at the moment I'm finding it difficult to do anything... and when it gets like that I play about with photos to help me relax.

I've been following Kevin&Amanda's blog for ages now... she's so inspiring and has so many amazing tutorials. She's a fab photographer too! I'm pretty much self-taught - both photography and photoshop, so I thought I'd give some of her photoshop tutorials a go and the results are amazing. Just take a look at the following before and after photos. The first is straight out of the camera... the second is processed using Amanda's photoshop basics tutorial and saving and sizing for blogging tutorial. I think the results speak for themselves... just look at those eyes!