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19 May 2010

Seeking opinions

amazonia, originally uploaded by Burnished Designs.

A number of years ago my sister and I were very much wanting to get a little side-line going making handcrafted jewellery. It's something that we both enjoyed, and at the time we had very few other commitments. We also sold quite a bit, but mostly to family, friends and work colleagues.

At the time I also wanted to sell online, so set up a webpage and blog, in the hope that I'd pick up enough computer whizzery to make it an all-singing, all-dancing, web-shop. But life happened, it soon fell by the wayside, and the perfectionist that I am was never completely happy with what I had produced.

But I'm thinking about trying again, so I thought I'd gauge the opinions of my readers to seek advice and thoughts. Is handcrafted jewellery a horse that is being flogged by many, and not worth my time and effort? Any advice on selling online? I do have an Etsy account (obviously with nothing on it), but I think it's nice to have a blog to back it up.

All advice and constructive criticism is readily received.

Oh, and the websites I have linked have not been touched for aeons so please forgive me.

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