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24 February 2010

Weaning Diary

** Another retro post (again)... totally unsponsored (as always) **

The baby rice is all used up so we're now onto the sample sachets courtesy of Cow & Gate. Let's just say this one tastes so good I would quite happily have it for my breakfast. Although I later realised that I'd mixed it up with formula instead of water as recommened. Definite hit.

I'm not sure Tilly actually tasted this one, it was gone in minutes. She is now making more mess than Jasper in her eagerness to get the food in! Jasper was again back to his uncertain self, but did keep opening his mouth when offered more, so it's obviously not that bad.

As we've been doing so well I thought we'd try a beefy one. Two thumbs up for this one... and Tilly got to show her skills off to Nana.

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